Alright … Let’s get to know some of the mostly asked JavaScript Interview Questions.

In this article I’ll try to cover some of the interview questions mostly asked by a recruiter. So let’s get started.

  1. Truthy and Falsie: We use condition to find the result weather a certain situation is true or false. i.e.

const age = 12;

if(age ){

console.log(“the condition is true”);


console.log(“the condition is false”);

}//output//the condition is true

I f the number itself is 0, then it’ll take the condition as false. i.e.

const age = 0


console.log(‘condition is true’);



console.log(‘condition is…

So let’s begin with the introductory glimpse of React. React is basically a library of JavaScript for building user friendly interfaces

1.Framework: For making it clearer that weather React is a library or framework, we need to discuss about both library and framework. React is a JavaScript library , it’s not exactly a framework. You’ll not get every solution in React instead you’ll need to use more libraries along with react to go to the solution.

On the other hand Frameworks are a complete solution. They serve a great purpose, mostly for the young programmers and startups. In frameworks many…

So… today we’ll dive into JavaScript for another time.

Error Handling: First of all, we’ll discuss about JavaScript error handling. What is Error handling in JavaScript? Well in JavaScript error handling consists of two particular terms. These are 1.try and 2. catch. If you’re a great programmer yet you’ll get errors in your code instead of being an expert programmer. There’s no particular reason behind an error. It may even cause because of network issues or server related issues. To get rid of this we use try and catch method in JavaScript. i.e.




//(error handling)


Well, To know more about JavaScript, first of all we should know about the history behind why JavaScript is very popular now-a-days. JavaScript is a very powerful language in the programming world. But it was quite underrated when it was introduced for the first time being. A young guy named Brendan Eich introduced JavaScript introduced in 1995. Because of some marketing policy it was renamed which was about to named Livescript and that made it too confusing.

In this article, I am going to cover some of the essential features of JavaScript.

Contents of JavaScript to be discussed:

  1. Number
  2. String

Let’s talk about coding and programming

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